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Dave has been playing the guitar since he was a teenager and his early ventures into the music business were as a roady for a number of bands. As he became more proficient as a guitarist he took on rhythm guitar work in a variety of outfits with a wide range of different styles. He also played in several guitar based duos in the North of England.

From the beginning, Dave's ambition was to write music rather than just play other people's material. Living in a remote farmhouse in Lincolnshire gave him the opportunity to create his first (analogue) studio space where he and other musicians were able to spend time developing their craft.

An injury & other responsibilities took Dave back to studying and away from the music scene. He completed his first degree in psychology, working in various human resources roles, before continuing his psychology training. Subsequently, he trained as a counsellor, and completed a doctorate (Ph.D) at Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, where he also worked for a short time as a senior research fellow in the college of aeronautics. 

Dave has been CEO of a number of companies, mainly those producing training materials & film for commercial organisations, before he finally returned to his passion for music.

Now living by the sea in Cornwall in the South West of England, he is writing and producing music full-time in his own studio.